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June 12, 2022 – is a leading healthcare solution company in Canada. We are delighted to announce the expansion of our patient-centric services with the addition of 5 new locations to our current family of in-person and pharmacy virtual clinics. The new virtual clinics are located in Cambridge (Ontario), Erickson (Manitoba), Steinbach (Manitoba), and two locations  in Trenton (Ontario).


With these new locations onboard, patients will be able to access the care they need, and no longer be limited by the conditions that cannot be serviced through simple virtual care. Patients in their communities are able to receive remote consultations, combined with on-site diagnostic tools and assistance from healthcare professionals through integrated system of virtual and in-person clinics.’s unique health services delivery mode is utilized by employers, insurance providers and government as it is a widely accessible and responsive platform. Our services are available in pharmacies, senior living, and other health facilities, as well as online through McKesson Canada’s customer-facing pharmacy web portals.


About is a leading healthcare solutions company that operates in health facilities, senior living centers, and pharmacies across Canada. Its virtual clinics in pharmacies enhance the patient experience by creating an integrated and scalable care model, to improve accessibility and patient outcomes. is supported by the renowned primary care clinic, Enhanced Care Clinic, which has also been the exclusive Preferred Provider of Physician and Medical Clinic Services for McKesson Retail Banner Group (over 2000 IDA, Guardian, Remedy’sRx and other independent pharmacies) since 2017. is a preferred provider for McKesson Retail Banner Group, Rexall and Manitoba Blue Cross members. 


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