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Program benefits

  • Access to licensed Canadian physicians via telephone or video chat from home or mobile devices to address a wide range of health concerns.
  • Service available seven days a week, including evenings and weekends.
  • Additional access to on-site diagnostic testing and physical assessments at in-pharmacy clinics.
  • Continuity of care with the same physician team, even when traveling outside the province.
  • Dedicated portal and support staff to coordinate care for you and your family members.
  • Prescription and product discount at available network pharmacies.
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How it works

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discount program

Save on prescription drugs and over-the-counter products at Rexall pharmacies near you!
This discount program is at no cost to you but requires enrollment.

Save at Rexall

  • Save on prescriptions: When you fill your prescriptions at a Rexall Pharmacy or online through Rexall Direct. Savings are automatically applied to prescriptions claimed through your respective benefit plan insurer.
  • Exclusive Retail Savings: Enjoy 20% off regular-priced Rexall exclusive brands everyday when you link your Be Well account with Rexall’s exclusive Preferred Perks Program.


  • To sign up for Preferred Perks at Rexall, visit and enter your access code: simplygtd
    Once registered enjoy 20% off regular-priced Rexall Exclusive Brands when you use your linked Be Well card on in-store purchases.

It's easy to link your account to BeWell™

1. Download Be Well and register your account.
2. Link to Preferred Perks using your access code.
3. Start enjoying all the benefits of Be Well at Rexall.
Once registered, you can start taking advantage of your exclusive     savings and benefits.


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