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Orientation vers des spécialistes

L’orientation vers un spécialiste consiste à orienter un patient vers des soins spéciaux et une prise en charge plus poussée.

  • How can I get a specialist referral?


Online doctors at will provide you with prescriptions based on your consultation. Patient history is obtained like in an on-site walk-in clinic.  An online doctor will consult you and make a diagnosis. If your health condition needs special care, you will be provided with a specialist referral. Virtual care services are more convenient than on-site clinic in obtaining specialist referrals.


  • When will I get a referral to a specialist?


After you get an appointment with an online doctor, you will be investigated for your medical condition. You will be provided with referrals if special attention is needed. Prescriptions for medication may be provided by specialists. These prescriptions can be directly forwarded to pharmacy.


  • Do I need an appointment for a specialist referral?


Yes, you need to make an appointment to get special care from our specialists. Online specialist doctors may provide you with prescriptions based on your consultation. Your history will be taken, and your signs and symptoms will be analyzed before making a diagnosis. The process is similar to a clinic setting.

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