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requisitions, and referrals conveniently

Online doctors at virtual care services will provide you with doctor’s notes based on your consultation. Virtual care services are more convenient than onsite clinic in obtaining sick notes. The process is similar to a traditional physician visit, except that a digital copy of the note will be sent to you directly. There is a fee for this service.

During your online visit, the online doctors at will inform you the need of additional testing for your condition. Afterwards your doctor will send you a requisition form directly. You can choose to print the form for your own convenience. You can take your requisition form to any lab and get tested. Once your test results are ready, you can get back to your doctor for review.

Online doctors at will provide you with prescriptions based on your consultation. Patient history is obtained like in an onsite clinic. An online doctor will consult you and make a diagnosis. If your health condition needs special care, based on our doctor’s assessment, you will be provided with a specialist referral. The process is similar to a traditional physician visit in obtaining specialist referrals but more convenient.

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