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“First of its kind” solution for wait-time and access challenges.
No more waiting passively for the care. We will advocate and navigate with you and your family.

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  • New Family Physician Search

    Client without a family physician and is unable to find one to join for months.

    Original wait time: uncertain

    Gotodoctor solution: 3 options provided, with immediate access
    Cut wait-time by 100%

  • Psychiatrist and Mental Health Care

    Client referred by his family physician to a psychiatrist for his anxiety and depression.

    Original wait time: 6 months

    Gotodoctor solution: 3 options provided, with a new local hospital program of 3 weeks wait time
    Cut wait-time by 90%

  • Surgery Wait Time

    Client looking to locate plastic a surgeon/specialist who can perform a  publicly funded breast reduction surgery.

    Original wait time: 1.5 year

    Gotodoctor solution: 4 options provided, with the shortest wait time of 1 month
    Cut wait-time by 90%

* Terms and conditions applied

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  • New family physician accepting patients in your community

  • Psychiatrist and mental health assessment/therapies

  • Orthopedic, plastic and general surgeon specialists

  • Gynecology and reproductive consults/treatment

  • Internal medicine, neurosurgeon and subspecialties specialists

  • Dermatology, otolaryngology (ENT), cardiology, allergy/immunology, respirology

  • CT (Computed Tomography) and MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) scans

  • NGS (Next-generation sequencing) for cancer and other oncology diagnostic tests

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“I’m very satisfied with GotoDoctor service, the team provided a referral and several solutions to my concern, they located 3 dermatologists in the GTA area within a short period of time and gave several options for faster treatment. Excellent service.”


Nov 3 2023
"I thought it was impossible for me to get an appointment faster, but the QHA and GotoDoctor Care Navigation team exceeded my expectations. You’ve been very helpful, patient, clear and kind"

Alejandra S

Nov 3 2023
"Olga and Paulina have been the help we needed! I was very scared and uncertain of what I have going on in my neck and when I might have my appointment. I have been in an endless loop of trying to get a hold of Dr's and specialists to even confirm that they have received my referrals. Olga and Paulina were both very nice and understanding about what I have going on. Their service was professional, speedy and amazingly helpful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone trying to navigate our Healthcare system."

Adrew M

Jan 3 2024
"My wait time for cataract surgery was substaintially reduced with Gotodoctor's Health system Navigator. They provided prompt, professional services and followed up throughout. I didn't have to leave the house. My highest endorsement".

Wayne K

Jan 17 2024
"Thank you for your service. Initially I was looking for an on-line doctor who can give me a second opinion on my conditions. However, I got this service to find a family doctor available in my area of living. I have got a spreadsheet with several family doctors accepting new patients. It was easy, fast and saved me a lot of time. Thank you for your great service!"

Dmytro C. (MBC Member)

Jan 16 2024
"Your help is greatly appreciated. Your professional approach is appreciated. Your care and approach is awesome. I got the best help from you. I am thankful to you for your great help".

Narinder L.

Feb 08 2024
‘The speed and care by which Olga and the Navigation service helped in connecting me with medical specialists was incredible. True professionals that understand the urgency and medical cases and wonderful to work with. The service is life affecting in a positive way when you need it the most’.

Tony V.

April 09 2024


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