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Prescriptions and renewals

Yes, online doctors at may provide you with prescriptions based on your consultation. Patient history is obtained like in an on-site walk-in clinic…Read more

Health and wellness questions

Online doctors at service treats many health and wellness conditions through virtual care services. An appointment can be easily made with…Read more

General assessment

You can make an appointment with an online doctor. Online doctors at virtual care services will take a comprehensive history and analyze your symptoms general…Read more


Yes, online doctors at virtual care services provide counselling services on your request. You can talk to an online doctor/ therapist without being physically present…Read more

Lab requisitions

During your online visit, the online doctor at virtual care services will inform you the need of additional testing for your condition. Afterwards your doctor will provide you with…Read more

Pediatrician consultation

Pediatric population needs special attention as they are still growing. Any delay with diagnosing a medical condition will have a negative effect on their growth and development…Read more

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