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Published September 19, 2021

September 19, 2021 – (Teledact Inc.), a premier in telemedicine and virtual care technologies in Canada, has recently published on the Canadian Healthcare Network, its notable insights from the research on online customer experiences. The study was performed qualitatively and quantitatively, in Ontario and Manitoba. It was designed exclusively to learn the intuitions and experiences of consumers regarding online, traditional, and retail purchases in the given situation of a global pandemic.


Canadian Healthcare Network is a well-known platform for the community of healthcare professionals for conveying news, market trends, and industrial information. This article is a follow-up to the first article by that was also published earlier on this website.


As stated by Tommy Cheung, President & CEO of, “Knowing that we can take steps to improve patient and customer experience by keeping these characteristics at the top of mind is empowering.” He further added, “Listening to patient and customer needs and finding ways to adjust our practices helps to ensure patient satisfaction. We continue to look for ways to improve how we provide care and deliver the best possible patient experience.”


The article provides relevant research evidence on how competitive drivers vary for customers depending on the nature of the online services. For services utilized frequently, convenience and efficacy are the categorical elements that need to be applied. Moreover, for online ride-sharing and food delivery, ease-of-use and service quality are the factors that can help in achieving enhanced customer experiences. This article has detailed insights on how these influencers, if made in virtual care and other health services, will broaden the spectrum of evolution in them.


To read the full article, Online Customer Experiences – What We Can Learn, follow the link: is a unique organization working through virtual clinics, in-person clinics and an online platform. It has a manifesto of providing a higher level of care to its users by making licensed Canadian physicians available for consultation seven days a week. The services are provided to users in pharmacies, senior living, and other health facilities, as well as online through McKesson Canada’s customer-facing pharmacy web portals.


About (Teledact Inc.) is a leading telemedicine technology provider that operates in health facilities, senior living centres, and pharmacies across Canada. Its virtual clinics in pharmacies enhance the patient experience by creating an integrated care model, to improve accessibility and patient outcomes. is supported by the renowned primary care clinic, Enhanced Care Clinic, which has also been the exclusive Preferred Provider of Physician and Medical Clinic Services for McKesson Retail Banner Group (over 2000 IDA, Guardian, Remedy’sRx and other independent pharmacies) since 2017. is a preferred virtual care provider on all McKesson Retail Banner Group and Rexall consumer-facing web portals.


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