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General assessment and monitoring

General assessment is an important component of diagnosing medical conditions. When a doctor diagnoses a patient, a medical condition monitoring is required to follow up with the patient and to assess the patient’s adherence.

  • How is the general assessment done by telehealth services?


You can make an appointment with an online doctor. An online doctor at virtual care services will take a comprehensive history and analyze your symptoms. General assessment is done through a voice call or video call and prescriptions may be provided. An online doctor will ask specific questions to diagnose your medical conditions and may provide prescriptions. For certain medical conditions patients will be directed to an on-site clinic. 


  • How are patients monitored through virtual care services?


A patient can make an online appointment for the initial visit and afterwards can make appointments for follow-up visits. A patient can request a follow-up visit from online doctors at virtual care services. Number of appointments for follow-up visits differ depending on the medical conditions. A patient will be observed for any alarming symptoms and signs. A specialist referral or a clinic referral may be done if patient’s condition is rapidly deteriorating. Clinic referrals will be needed for rapidly deteriorating patients or patients who fail to adhere to the medical advice. Prescribed medications should be altered according to the patient’s response. Prescriptions should be renewed at the follow-up visits.


  • Will I be able to get an appointment for follow-up visits?


Yes, you can request a follow-up visit through the online doctors at virtual care services even if your health condition is not serious. You will also be able to alter your medical prescriptions if you experience any side effects. You can book several follow-up visits and get your concerns addressed by our online doctors. The doctor may provide you with new prescriptions depending on your medical conditions. The process is similar to an onsite clinic where a patient meets a doctor several times to evaluate health status. Prescriptions may be renewed at the follow-up visit, in a similar manner to an on-site clinic.


  • Why do I need a follow-up visit?


A follow-up visit is needed to ensure that the patients adhere to instructions given by the online doctor at virtual care services. An online doctor will be able to assess the medical conditions of the patient and may prescribe medications from our virtual care services. A follow-up visit will allow an online doctor to perform a general assessment and monitor patient’s condition after the treatment to evaluate recovery. The process is similar to an on-site clinic, where a patient is required to attend several times to clinic to evaluate his/her health status after the treatment.


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