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Lab requisitions

Lab requisition is the physicians order for a lab report. It is similar to a prescription and some lab tests require a doctor’s order in order to carry out the test.

  • How do online lab test requisitions work?


During your online visit, the online doctor at virtual care services will inform you the need of additional testing for your condition. Afterwards your doctor will provide you with a requisition form. You can take your requisition form to any lab and get tested. Once your test results are ready, you can get back to your doctor for review.


  • Can I order all lab tests online?


You can receive requisitions of most tests online at They include diagnostic imaging tests such as ultrasounds, X-ray, and MRI scans. Other tests are blood tests and tests relevant to reproductive health. Some tests however may require doctor’s discretion specific to your diagnosis. Online doctors at provide the opportunity for patients to order their lab tests online.


  • How long does it take to receive results of a blood test?


The time to receive your blood tests results can vary depending on your blood test. It can take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to get your results. Results of some tests like blood-cultures usually take longer to turn-up. The lab should be able to inform you on the estimated time for your test results.


  • Can I order my blood tests without a doctor’s approval?


Your licensed doctor will need to endorse your blood tests. Our online doctors can request testing on your behalf if they think a particular test is necessary after assessing your medical condition.


  • Do I have to pay extra fees for my lab tests?


Your provincial health coverage caters for most lab tests. In case you do not have health coverage, there will be an additional cost.


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