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Prescriptions and renewals

Doctors will take a history, perform an appropriate examination and diagnose your medical condition. Online doctors at virtual care services may provide you with prescriptions based on your consultation.

  • Can I get my prescriptions and renewals at virtual care services?


Yes, online doctors at may provide you with prescriptions based on your consultation. Patient history is obtained like in an on-site walk-in clinic. Renewals can be obtained through our virtual care services as well. All the prescriptions will be sent to a pharmacy that you choose.


  • How do the online prescriptions work?


Our online doctor will diagnose your medical condition after taking a history and symptom analysis. Life threatening conditions are excluded first, and patients with rapidly deteriorating signs will be directed to a clinic. The prescriptions can be sent to your preferred pharmacy directly through application. If you don’t require a delivery service you can pick up your medicine at the pharmacy. 


  • Can an online doctor prescribe medications?


Yes, online doctors at may provide prescriptions for medical conditions after diagnosis. The process is similar to the sequence in an on-site clinic. But online doctors do not provide prescriptions for controlled drugs like narcotics.


  • What kind of conditions is an online doctor able to provide with prescriptions?


An online doctor can provide prescriptions for many the medical conditions. The doctor will take a comprehensive history and analyze your symptoms, and then may provide you with prescriptions. The process is similar to an on-site walk-in clinic. If the condition needs immediate attention, the patient will be directed to a clinic.

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