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Sore throat

Sore throat is a painful condition in the throat associated with dryness.

  • Can I talk to a doctor on about my sore throat?


Yes, provides virtual care services for sore throat. A doctor will take a comprehensive in-depth history and may provide you with prescriptions. Depending on the severity of symptoms further recommendations will be provided. If a patient is suffering from severe pain in the throat the doctor will direct him/her to clinic treatment.


  • What is a sore throat?


Sore throat is a painful, irritating and scratchy feeling in the throat as a result of bacterial or viral infections and allergies[1]. Bacterial infections and allergic reactions last longer than viral infections of the throat[2]. It often worsens with the spread of the infection. Cough and cold symptoms like fever, chest congestion may present with soreness in the throat and swallowing cause a pain in the infected part of the throat [3-5].


  • What are the symptoms of a sore throat?


Sore throat can present simultaneously with fever, itchy feeling, dryness and pain in the throat if there is an infection and inflammation[6]. A doctor will be able to diagnose a sore throat by identifying characteristic symptoms. Signs associated with a sore throat are swollen glands and lymph nodes in the neck, white patches on tonsils and hoarseness of the voice[7]. Allergic reactions such as hypersensitive reaction to penicillin and antimicrobials, chemical substance irritation and acid reflux can also cause sore throat[7]. A doctor will ask specific questions in the history to differentiate infections[8, 9].


  • How is a sore throat treated?


A doctor decides on treatment and further laboratory tests after taking a comprehensive history of the patient. Treatment of a sore throat depends on the underlying cause and investigations should be done to find out the exact etiology. First of all, life-threatening conditions are excluded by the doctor. Pain relief medications may be prescribed to make the patient free of pain[10]. Prescriptions for cough suppressants, antibiotics and prescriptions for expectorant drugs may be provided for chest congestion and soreness[11] [12, 13].


  • How can an online doctor on treat a sore throat?


Online doctors on treat sore throat through virtual care services. An appointment can be easily made with an online doctor. A sore throat can be treated via virtual care methods[8, 12-19]. But a doctor should be cautious, as a sore throat may be an indication of acute pharyngitis and tonsilitis, so these conditions should be excluded. An online doctor will take a comprehensive history of your signs and symptoms and may provide you with prescriptions. Prescriptions can be obtained by online doctors. Virtual care services provided by assure comfort, convenience and a higher level of care for the patient.[20].



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