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Published January 3, 2022

To our physicians, pharmacists, health providers, advisors and partners,

Thank you all for supporting in 2021. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with all of you, and to provide exceptional care to our patients and communities. 

We are proud to be the healthcare solution platform that connects patients, physicians and other health service providers together. The hard work and service provided by and its team are well recognized. We would like to take this opportunity to also share a few of the latest encouragement we received from our patients.

We look forward to working closer with you in the coming year. Wish you and your family a wonderful and healthy 2022.

From your team.


“My experience with Care Clinic was excellent. All my questions, answers and fears were well taken care of. Will use this service and recommend it to all. Thanks.”
~ M. Smith
“I really appreciated the ease of using the walk-in virtual clinic and connecting with a doctor in a trusted setting at the local pharmacy. The staff on site were efficient, considerate and facilitated the doctor’s recommendations.” 
~ Audra L.
“This system is the best. Come in, register and you are seen within an hour. Telemedicine worked for me. Saw the doctor online. Told him my problem. He gave me a prescription and that was it. Bravo.” 
~ R. Delaney
“The doctor was very compassionate and understanding of my symptoms and the situation that caused them. He gave excellent care, immediately filled a prescription, sent a referral and offered some helpful suggestions that I could do at home to manage my conditions.” 
~ Catherine M.
“When you can’t get a hold of your own doctor and I usually cannot, connect with With photographic verification, immediate telephone response from a real doctor, you can get your emergency fixed up in a heartbeat. Will continue to use as an alternative when I cannot reach my own doctor.” 
~ AJsup
“ / Enhanced Care Clinic is very convenient and easy to use. I would recommend using / Enhanced Care Clinic because I always have a positive experience using them.” 
~ L Colabattista
“I used Gotodoctor on a weekend. The service they provided was efficient and a nurse was able to assess me prior to booking my appointment. I was able to speak to a doctor within the next hour.” 
~ Christine S
“These days just getting to talk to a doctor is a challenge. I received all the care I asked for on that day and have had my labs and my X-rays completed per Dr. L’s recommendations. Gotodoctor was my angel in time of immediate medical need. An appointment at a walk-in clinic resulted in a virtual appointment with Dr. L who listened and responded to my urgent medical need for follow-up labs and medications after my heart attack. He wrote the prescriptions for the continuation of my medicine that had been dispensed in USA. I will be forever grateful for the responsive care during these dangerous and difficult times.” 
~ D. Kaye
“I highly recommend this as it was quick and efficient. It was nice not having to leave the house when not feeling well.” 
~ Kyle M
“10/10 quick response time.” 
~ M.S.
“I had a lovely experience calling into the Enhanced Care Clinic/ I was able to talk to a doctor over the phone who called me right when they said they would. They were compassionate and were able to prescribe me some antibiotics over the phone that fixed me up. I will definitely be using this service again.” 
~ S.V

About (Teledact Inc.) is a leading telemedicine technology provider that operates in health facilities, senior living centres, and pharmacies across Canada. Its virtual clinics in pharmacies enhance the patient experience by creating an integrated care model, to improve accessibility and patient outcomes. is supported by the renowned primary care clinic, Enhanced Care Clinic, which has also been the exclusive Preferred Provider of Physician and Medical Clinic Services for McKesson Retail Banner Group (over 2000 IDA, Guardian, Remedy’sRx and other independent pharmacies) since 2017. is a preferred virtual care provider on all McKesson Retail Banner Group and Rexall consumer-facing web portals.


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