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Published September 14, 2023

September 14, 2023 –, a leading technology healthcare platform that connects healthcare and employee service providers to Canadian enterprises, is excited to announce the launch of a new recruitment portal tailored to family physicians and specialists across the country, looking to start or enhance their practices –


The decisions for physicians to start a new practice or transition to a managed practice setting is complex and involves much more than the availability of physical space and clinic layout.’s understanding of the needs of physicians and its management’s decades of experience in managed practice increases its effectiveness in physician recruitment and practice establishment. With more than a fifth of Canadians not having regular access to a family doctor, this portal aims to alleviate some aspects of this key national issue.


In partnership with McKesson Retail Banner Group (“RBG”) pharmacies, features RBG Service Sites looking to expand their service capacity, beyond virtual care and attract physicians to establish in-person practices. Going beyond traditional recruitment websites, allows physicians to investigate locations based on their personal practice needs and criteria, stay connected for updates and get additional practice support from team throughout the process. Close to 100 locations across the country will be available for physicians to start planning their new clinics, within the next few weeks of launching. will be marketing to physicians locally and overseas to attract additional physician talents aboard. 


“More and more Canadians and their families are affected by physician care access issues, as confirmed by the latest survey by the Canadian Medical Association”, ” said Tommy Cheung, CEO of “ platform is a pioneering and scalable solution for its users to navigate and improve access to physicians and other healthcare services. We look to continue to expand and connect to even more health service providers, insurance partners and enterprises, in order to support their members.” has established a network of in-person CareBridge Service Sites, with over 260 pharmacies and clinics across Canada, allowing its members to go beyond virtual care and access comprehensive in-person care from physicians, pharmacists and other health professionals. Combining these unique Service Sites with virtual care, digital health service providers, and its proprietary Service Engine technology, is now an effective and seamless healthcare system navigator for both private employee benefits and the public health services. About 1 million Canadians are now connected and have access to’s platform today.



About is a leading B2B healthcare technology platform that connects to an estimated a million Canadians through its unique Service Engine and hybrid primary care network. integrates virtual care and in-person pharmacy and clinic Service Sites, and enables members to access comprehensive and scalable physician and other healthcare services. is a preferred provider for McKesson Canada’s Rexall and Retail Banner Group (IDA, Guardian, Remedy’s Rx) pharmacies. Its Digital Employee Services and Data Offerings technologies are already adopted and are utilized by major Canadian Enterprises, TPAs, and other enterprises, like Manitoba Blue Cross, Novartis Canada, The Leslie Group, Green Benefits, Simply Benefits, and Automated Administration Services.


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