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Pediatrician consultation

Pediatric population needs special attention as they are still growing. Any delay with the diagnosis of a medical condition will have a negative effect on their growth and development.

  • How can I get a Pediatrician consultation?


Online doctors at virtual care services will provide you with prescriptions based on your child’s health condition. A comprehensive history is obtained like in an outpatient clinic. The process is similar to obtaining a history from an adult, but in pediatric population the information is gathered from both child and parent. An online doctor will consult your child and make a diagnosis. If your child needs special care you will be referred to a hospital. Virtual care services are more convenient than on-site clinic in obtaining consultation and prescriptions for your child’s medical condition.


  • Do I need an appointment for a Pediatrician consultation?


Yes, you need to make an appointment to get a pediatric consultation. Online pediatricians at will provide you with prescriptions based on your child’s medical condition. Signs and symptoms will be analyzed before making a diagnosis. The process is similar to a clinic setting.


  • When should I seek pediatric consultation services for my child?


You need to seek medical attention if your child shows any signs and symptoms of an illness. If your child’s appetite and activity levels drop, then probably he needs medical attention. Once you get an appointment with our online doctor, your child will be thoroughly investigated for any medical conditions. Virtual care services are more convenient for pediatric consultation as your child will be more comfortable compared to visiting to an on-site consultation centre. Prescriptions for medication may be provided by specialists. These prescriptions can be directly forwarded to pharmacy.


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